11 Good Things That Donald Trump Did As The President Of the USA

good things trump did for USA

The US President Donald Trump receives non-stop criticism from both the press and the people of America. He has indeed done many objectionable things during his time in the office.

He is even considered to be more corrupted than Chester A. Arthur. Being the President of the United States, you are likely to receive criticism when you make mistakes. For Trump, he has mostly made poor decisions. Due to his incompetent government, thousands of people lost their lives during the pandemic.

Despite everything, we cannot look away from the good things that he has done for the country. In this post, we will look back at all the good things Trump has done to make America great.

List Of Good Things Done By Trump

No matter, how much you criticise or hate Trump, you cannot deny the good things he did for his country. He has always been devoted to making America great. His way of doing things may not be good, but at least his intentions are.

Here is a brief rundown of all the things we thank Trump for:

1. He has appointed conservative judges at a record pace

Trump did a great job by appointing two Supreme Court justices, 146 District Court judges, and 53 federal appellate judges in just three years. He also appointed two judges for the Court of International Trade. All the judges appointed by him are confirmed by the Senate. Not just that, but there are 64 more judges appointed and are waiting for Senate confirmation.

 2. Major tax cuts and deregulation

In 2017, Trump ordered tax cuts and even cancelled excessive government regulations on businesses. This gave a major boost to the American economy. The cancellation of the regulations resulted in savings up to $3,100 per household a year. This also generated thousands of new jobs in the market. This has helped thousands of unemployed people to get a source of steady employment.

3. Protection for unborn babies

Before 2019, the funds for abortions were limited because of all existing executive orders. But on 22nd Feb 2019, Trump announced that organizations providing referrals for abortions will not receive any money from the federal family-planning program. The Trump administration also passed a new rule to protect healthcare workers who are declined based on religion to participate in assisted suicide or abortions.

 4. Made the US military stronger

Trump also played a significant role in strengthening the US military. He reversed the huge budget cuts that previously weakened the military under the Obama reign. After Trump came to power, he increased the military budget by nearly $150 billion per year. The US military spending went from $605 billion in 2016 to $750 billion in just one year. He was dedicated to strengthening the US military to build a greater defense for the country.

5. Supported Israel

The Trump administration reversed President Obama’s repeated shunning of Israel. He purposely shifted the United States embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem to reaffirm the US’s commitment to Israel. Not just that, but he also recognized the Golan Heights as part of Israel. He has also invited Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to the White House many times to show his support for Israel.

6. Expanded educational freedom

Trump also worked for the expansion of educational freedom in the country. He made a good decision by appointing one of America’s leading advocates, Betsy DeVos to occupy the position of the Secretary of Education. This resulted in increased support for taxpayer-funded vouchers, charter schools, and tax credits for private-school vouchers. He also introduced programs to help parents looking for a better option than traditional public schools.

7. Immigration reform proposals

The immigration system in the US was a complete mess before President Trump decided to pay attention to it. During his time in the White House, he worked for comprehensive reform to improve the broken immigration system. He wanted to change the policy regarding legal immigration. His idea was to change the system based on extended family connections to a system driven by merit. This change in the immigration system would allow America to prioritize people who are likely to contribute to the American economy and society. This would also help people who are running from threats to their lives in their homelands.

8. Freedom of conscience and religion

Since the time Trump resumed office, he along with his administration has continually defended religious freedom. There are numerous court cases where his Justice Department has actively defended religious freedom. One fine example would be the case of Jack Phillips, a Colorado cake designer at the Supreme Court. Phillips was charged with heavy fines for declining to design a cake for a same-sex wedding. He also overturned the Obamacare HHS regulation that supported faith-based organizations to provide access to abortifacients through their health care plans. The Department of Justice also issued a 25-page memorandum highlighting strong protections for religious liberty.

9. Defeating ISIS

President Trump gave full freedom to the US military to take action against ISIS and defeat them. The military was permitted to take out large sections of Syria and Iraq. His decision to defeat ISIS was far better than the Democratic policy of inaction and appeasement. Due to this policy, ISIS was able to occupy vast areas in the Middle East. But under Trump’s leadership, the military forces were able to kill ISIS founder and leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. Even Qasem Soleimani, the Iranian terrorist mastermind was killed by the military under Trump’s direction.

10. Development of major construction projects

It took more than six years to build a new highway, a gas pipeline, and a subway line. The excessive delay in the completion of these projects resulted in increased construction costs. Not just that, but it also delayed the relief for over-congested highways for many years. Finally, in 2020, Trump passed new guidelines that limited less-extensive environmental assessments to one year and environmental impact studies to two years. According to the Wall Street Journal, these new rules passed by Trump’s administration could reduce cumulative delay for construction projects. This in return will help America’s infrastructure to become strong.

11. Standing up to Russia and China

Trump is the first president ever to stand up to Russia and China. He openly challenged the blatant practice of industrial bullying and espionage by China. He even opposed China for violating international copyright protections and stealing intellectual property. He went to the extent of strengthening US naval presence in the South China Sea. Not just that, but he also shut down operations of the Chinese consulate in Houston. The Trump administration has also taken strict action against many Russian consulates based in the US. Also, he expelled more than 60 Russian “diplomats”, and also issued sanctions against many Russian officials. He even convinced many European nations to level up their defense against the Russian invasion.

In his five years of office, he has done many great things to develop the economy and society of America. There is no doubt that Trump is different from all the past US Presidents. Although he gets a lot of criticism, you cannot overlook the good things he has done.

Has Donald Trump Done Well For America?

donald trump

Donald Trump is the very first person elected president without ever before having served formerly in any public workplace; excluding George Washington, as well as professional soldiers Ulysses Give and also Dwight Eisenhower. Trump is likewise the wealthiest head of state in history, after adjusting for inflation. His net worth is claimed to exceed 2 billion bucks.

His behavior is really various from that of conventional politicians. Absolutely nothing smooth about him. He frequently terminates off blunt statements on various topics that contradict what he said previously. His declarations usually have factual errors.

President Donald Trump got in the election year as simply the 3rd commander-in-chief in US background to be impeached..

He was eventually acquitted, in an impeachment trial that would certainly quickly become a far-off memory amidst a pandemic that’s eliminated over 386,000 Americans as well as left millions out of work.

With just a week left in workplace, Trump was impeached when again — this time for provoking a fierce insurrection at the US Capitol. He’s currently the only American president who has been impeached two times.

How are his approval ratings?

Donald Trump began his term as one of one of the most unpopular head of states in the modern-day period and he remains so.

His authorization rating is just 37%, according to Gallup. Head Of States Barack Obama (50%), George W Bush (58%) and Bill Clinton (54%) were all greater now.

The only president in current years to have anything like Mr Trump’s reduced score at this stage was, maybe remarkably, Ronald Reagan, who was likewise wasting away at 37% in 1983. His numbers slowly improved afterwards and he went on to win a second term as head of state.

One upside for Mr Trump is that he still has the backing of Republican voters – 88% of them accept of his presidency. If that number remains high, it’s not likely he’ll face a serious obstacle to be the Republican candidate in 2020.

Is Trump’s America great once again or hellscape?

It was probably the main mystery for citizens questioning what to believe in the rhetoric, because it resisted logic to think everything. Are Americans staying in a dystopia or in an America made excellent again by Trump?

4 years ago, candidate Trump guaranteed that if he won, “The crime and also violence that today affects our country will certainly quickly concern an end. Starting on January 20th, 2017, safety will be brought back.” Now? “I’ve never ever seen our roads go this bad so swiftly,” Pat Lynch, representing 10s of hundreds of New york city law enforcement agent, informed the GOP process. “We are looking down the barrel of a public safety and security disaster.” He claimed this in comments singing Trump’s commends.

Rudy Giuliani, Trump’s personal lawyer and also a former New York mayor, spoke of years of “carnage” and violence increasing now, and implored, “Mr. President, make our country risk-free once more.” Every one of the convention’s apocalyptic unsupported claims was in service of slamming Trump opposition Joe Biden, Autonomous mayors and also national Democrats both in and out of office as being soft on physical violence and anarchy. The landscape of lawlessness they explained is Trump’s America now.

Exaggeration covered the proceedings, both when Trump and also his supporters hailed his record and also when they denounced the opposite side. Outright frauds were listened to every evening on the social justice demonstrations, the coronavirus, the economic climate and also Biden’s schedule.

Success: Improving the federal judiciary

Eric Thayer/Reuters Trump’s most long-lasting impact on the country will certainly be the reshaping of the federal judiciary.

Up until now, Trump has mounted 3 High court justices and also 220 judges in general to the government bench all for lifetime visits. Amy Coney Barrett became Trump’s third High court justice on October 26, hardly a week prior to Political election Day.

By December 2019, Trump nominees comprised approximately 25% of all United States circuit court judges, according to an evaluation by The Washington Article.

In 4 years, he’s selected 53 judges on the 13 United States circuit courts. To place this in perspective, former Head of state Barack Obama selected 55 circuit courts in his 2 terms in the White House.

The courts get the last word in United States national politics, setting criteria that can form the country for many years ahead.

Despite the fact that Trump was not reelected in 2020, his presidency will remain to have an influence on the direction of the US as a result of the large number of conservative government courts he’s mounted.

Achievement: Tax obligation reform

3 years right into his presidency, Trump’s signature legislative achievement continues to be a Republican tax obligation expense that made sweeping changes to the tax obligation code the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

As Organization Insider’s Joseph Zeballos-Roig lately reported The legislation was the most significant overhaul to the nation’s tax obligation code in three years, as well as the head of state pitched it as “rocket fuel” for the American economic climate.

It completely lowered the corporate tax price to 21% from 35% while also supplying momentary advantages for individuals and also their family members.

Doubters suggested it was a windfall for huge firms at the cost of the middle class. At the same time, advocates of the tax cuts competed it would unleash a financial bonanza. Organizations would invest in their procedures, they claimed, resulting in enhanced employee performance and also higher wages.

Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, among others, stated the legislation would certainly juice the nation’s gross domestic product to 3% (or much more, as Trump said 6%) and soon pay for itself and spread out prosperity.

However the legislation has actually accomplished none of the ambitious goals that Republicans advanced and also there are scant signs they ever before will.

Failure: America’s international image is in shambles

Reuters America’s global picture has actually decreased considerably under Trump, who has actually repetitively insulted key United States allies while cozying as much as authoritarians.

The head of state’s tendency to push important allies away as well as separate the US, including by pulling out of landmark international agreements like the Paris climate accord, has actually had an apparent influence People throughout the globe have revealed negative views on Trump. Seat Research Center in January 2020 launched a survey of 32 countries that revealed a typical of 64% said they do not have confidence in Trump to do the best thing in world events, as well as simply 29% revealed self-confidence in the head of state.

Trump’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic has also left the United States ashamed on the globe stage, and developed a space in global management that China has hurried to load.

Donald Trump is a good head of state

One immigrant’s perspective Michel Houellebecq John Cullen In all sincerity, I such as Americans a great deal; I have actually met lots of beautiful individuals in the USA, and also I feel sorry for the embarrassment several Americans (and not just “New York city pundits”) feel at having such a terrible clown for a leader.

I have to ask and I know what I’m asking for isn’t simple for you that you take into consideration points for a moment from a non-American factor of sight. I do not imply “from a French viewpoint,” which would certainly be asking excessive; let’s claim, “from the viewpoint of the rest of the globe.”.

Illustration by Ricardo Martínez On the many events when I have actually been questioned regarding Donald Trump’s election, I’ve replied that I don’t provide a shit. France isn’t Wyoming or Arkansas. France is an independent nation, more or less, and also will become entirely independent once more when the European Union is dissolved (the quicker, the far better).

The United States of America is no longer the globe’s leading power. It was for a very long time, for practically the entire program of the twentieth century. It isn’t anymore.

It continues to be a major power, one among numerous.

This isn’t necessarily problem for Americans.

It’s excellent information for the remainder of the world.

My reaction is a little bit of an overestimation. One has a continuous commitment to take at the very least a modicum of interest in American political life. The United States is still the world’s leading army power and also regrettably has yet to break its practice of mounting treatments past its borders. I’m not a historian, and also I do not recognize much about ancient history for instance, I could not say whether Kennedy or Johnson was more to blame for the miserable Vietnam event however I have the impression that it’s been an excellent very long time because the United States last won a war, and that for a minimum of fifty years its international army interventions, whether acknowledged or private, have been nothing but a succession of disgraces finishing in failures.

He continued to provide for the neglected Americans. Unemployment is at record lows; this year the number of work openings surpassed the jobless workers to load them by the largest space ever before; wages are increasing, and low-wage workers are experiencing the fastest pay rises. Fifty-seven percent of Americans state they are much better off economically given that Trump took office.

He executed tighter work needs for food stamps. With joblessness at historic lows, there is no factor more individuals ought to not be making their success with efficient job. The rules use only to able-bodied, childless grownups. When we call for individuals to work for public assistance, we not just assist fulfill their material needs yet also help them achieve the dignity as well as satisfaction that feature being a contributing participant of our neighborhood. Work is a true blessing, not a penalty.

He has actually obtained NATO allies to spend more money for our cumulative safety and security. Allies have increased defense spending by $130 billion since 2016. And the White House reports almost two times as numerous allies are meeting their commitment to spend 2 percent of gross domestic product on defense today than before Trump arrived.

He stood with the people of Hong Kong. He cautioned China not to make use of violence to suppress pro-democracy demonstrations as well as signed the Hong Kong Human Rights as well as Democracy Act. Hong Kong people marched with American flags and also sang our nationwide anthem in gratefulness.